Pyranna-Insect Control Concentrate

Featured Highlights

  • Designed for use in the eMIST system along with eliminODOR for immediate insect control
  • Eliminates fruit flies, horse flies, gnats, and are other flying insects
  • Pyrethrum is an insecticide derived from a plant extract of the species of the genus Chrysanthemum (Daisy)
  • Employee friendly and safe for use in and around waste receptacles
  • Dilute before using, add 1 part of this product to 21 parts of clean water
  • For use in handheld sprayers, apply the same dilution ratios listed above
  • Refer to the system user manual for specific instructions

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Envirostat Professional Insect Control

If insects are invading your compactor or trash chute and it’s affecting your customers, personnel, or worse, decreasing your company bottom line due to additional pickups it’s time to remove the issue at the source. There’s no sense in diminishing your company’s credibility, reducing profit margins, or lose a customer when you can solve the problem quickly & easily with our Insect Control Solutions.