eliminODOR w/ Hose End Sprayer-For Dumpsters, Bins, and Loading Docks-Makes 55 Gallons

eliminODOR w/ Hose End Sprayer-For Dumpsters, Bins, and Loading Docks-Makes 55 Gallons
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Most odor control sprays either try to mask the offending odors or desensitize the nose. Our proprietary formulas are true concentrates that kill the bacteria that are causing the foul trash odor. Better yet, there easy to apply and safe for the environment. Bacteria causes trash odors and they feed on the organic matter to continue their growth. During this process, they generate volatile proteins or gases and chemical compounds. These proteins/gases are the basic building blocks to all organic life, so they exist in bacteria as well as the organic matter found in trash. Our patented proven concentrates remove these odors by “cross-linking” or bonding proteins together. Since cross-linked proteins in organic waste are impossible for bacteria to digest the bacteria is unable to grow and produce their gases thus eliminating the foul odor.

Featured Highlights

  • Ships w/ 32oz bottle and sprayer (factory pre-set dilution ratio)
  • 32oz will make up to 55 gallons solution when diluted with water
  • Super concentrated formula saves you shipping costs
  • 100% Eco-Friendly, safe for your employees and and your equipment
  • Eliminates odors in dumpsters, trash bins, trash rooms, receptacles, drains, carpets, smoke, pet urine, mildew, and more
  • Works great with hand held sprayers, pressure washers, 
    and sanitizing equipment
  • Naturally scented with eucalyptus oil for a fresh, clean, 
    and sanitized space
  • U.S.D.A. Safe
  • One year limited warranty

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