eMist-Compactor Odor Control System w/ 55 Gallon Drum

eMist-Compactor Odor Control System w/ 55 Gallon Drum
Product Code: eMist Odor Control System w/ 55G
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Featured Highlights

  • Includes 110v eMIST spray system, liquid line tubing, spray nozzle assembly, liquid line quick dis connect, liquid line attachment clips, zip ties, and 55 gallon drum
  • Installs in less than 60 minutes
  • Only tools required are a drill and 2 bits (7/64, 2/34)
  • The spray nozzle assembly can be directly mounted to any style compactor
  • Spray cycle is factory set to spray eliminODOR every 15 minutes, 24/7
  • One 32-oz bottle of eliminODOR concentrate will provide approximately 30 days of odor control under this setting
  • Our proprietary liquid line quick dis connect provides your hauler an easy way to remove and re-connect system to compactor for hauling
  • Simply plug the eMIST spray system into any 110v outlet,
  • Fill the tank with eliminODOR and water as needed
  • Add Vector-Ban Plus insecticde for extra insect control


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